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Hi im Wen Juinn (26), an illustrator/designer. I’m a freelancer and i have a strong passion toward arts, and creation drives me. I live and work in Malaysia. Able to work under pressure and get the job done in time. Welcome to my PortFolio.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi guys, I present to u Musket Man. hahaha

The idea originally came fr my friend Chris Wong
I ask him to give me a random topic to sketch on, so this is wat he gave me : french revolution industrial era + musketeers.

and also he show me some Rilakkuma picture. and so, here is how it turn out. hahaha, is been fun to design funny character.

Tools : painter x , photoshop cs3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dominance War V entry

Exa - Goddess of Time and Space

Hi Guys, it been a long time i didnt upload any work, been busy with work, lucky still have some time for me to completed my Dominance War V entry.

My entry and WIP in CGhub.com : Exa - wenjuinn

A Goddess of Time and Space. named Exa.

The abilities of controlling time, warp space and able to travel through different universes.

hope u guys like it. 

Tools : painter x , photoshop cs3