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Hi im Wen Juinn (26), an illustrator/designer. I’m a freelancer and i have a strong passion toward arts, and creation drives me. I live and work in Malaysia. Able to work under pressure and get the job done in time. Welcome to my PortFolio.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pirate of the East

Hi guys,

I did it during my free time, enjoying doing the details on the armor and costume design. I mixed in Chinese Opera element to it, to spice things up.
Hope you guys like it :)

A pirate from the far East, Ruì Yā 锐鸦. She and her crew found the treasure in Mount Yǒng hún 永魂山, one of the mythological island located near the peninsula.
They found the gold, unfortunately they never made it out. Sine then, they have been cursed to guard the hidden treasure.

Tools: photoshop cs4


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